Meet the Maker

Welcome to Boujee Bar Skincare. I’m Havilah, creator, visionary, designer and soul of this holistic brand.
Boujee Bar Skincare is an earthy, luxe and sustainably conscious soap and skincare company. Our mission is to encourage holistic and health-conscious selfcare and skincare while promoting earth made products that enhance inner and outer beauty.
I founded Boujee Bar Skincare in December 2019 in my small Cincinnati, Ohio apartment. The Universe must have known I needed a change, a dramatic shift in my life… Boujee Bar Skincare represents that shift. The spirit of the brand reflects conscious conversations with myself, loving family support, early mornings and late nights, and all the inspiration and self-actualization of my happiness. The journey has offered lots of twist, turns, ups and downs, but I only have gratitude for the process.
“Boujee” is colloquial slang for “luxury”, which I feel is the essence of the Boujee Bar Skincare brand. Our vision is to foster a healthy appreciation for our bodies and skin by maintaining intentional habits for cleansing and care. Boujee Bar Skincare is all handmade with high quality and safe ingredients to ensure every application is a healthy one.
Here at Boujee Bar Skincare, we just want the best for your body, mind and soul… skincare shouldn’t just be a mundane routine. When selfcare and skincare become intentional and enjoyable, it’s delightful, magical, inspirational and sacral.
I’m Defiant, Earthy, Eclectic and Spiritual. I invite you to join me on this amazing journey. The future is brighter when it includes you.
All Earth, All Love
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