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Select your scent. Try the test. Make the switch. Our skin needs food like all other organs.

Goal: To help give Dove or general consumers the opportunity to try high quality, all natural soaps for free by encouraging an easy at home trial. This trial shows how all natural ingredients are best suited for our overall skin health. One the other hand, compared to generic soaps that contain harmful ingredients. 

Our soaps only have 5 rich base ingredients and pure essentials oils. 

Organic cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil 

Cold pressed extra virgin olive oil

Avocado oil 

Caster oil 

Shea butter *Ghana


How does the test work? 

For one week, wash only with our free all natural soaps. The following week switch to a Dove bar. Naturally our skin, depending on its sensitivity level when using Dove may show signs of irritation almost immediately.  Our body may not recognize it's ingredients. In the first, skin may become irritated.  Dove is by no means extremely harmful to the general public but does contain questionable ingredients by our standards. This test is intended for Dove users. If you're not a Dove user but would like to try the test, do so at your discretion. Samples are still free and the test is only encouraged. Make the switch easy!




* If the irritation is drastic please immediately stop using the dove bar."

*pay shipping only*

*Dove bar not included with samples*