Basil Me collection

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A fresh kiss from earth on your skin. It includes a new luxurious all natural cp soap, sea salt scrub for soothing exfoliation, and a lovely gentle facial oil. Basil infused collection with notes of fresh cucumber and citrus for a relaxing feel. Basil is soothing for the skin and body. Known to help calm irritation by providing natural ant-oxidant to help rejuvenate. Light cucumber and citrus gives a refreshing and uplifting scent. 100% all natural items.

Basil + Cedarwood  cold processed soap. 4.5oz 

Shea butter extra virgin olive oil organic extra virgin coconut oil castor oil avocado oil sodium hydroxide basil essential oil cedarwood essential oil. Sesame seed and rose petal décor. *sold in set only*

Citrus Basil + Sea Salt  bath soak  6oz 

Seal Salt Epsom salt basil infused shea butter extra virgin olive oil  vitamin E jojoba oil  oils fractionated coconut oil lemon orange bergamot basil essential oil. 

Cucumber Seed + Lavender Basil facial oil Infused basil leaves cucumber extract vitamin E jojoba oil lavender basil essential oil fractionated coconut oil spinach powder